Technical Documents

Action Memorandum Amendment (October 2016)

Health and Safety Plan (HASP) (June 2011)

T117 RD/RA Agreed Order (ASAOC) (June 2011)

Action Memorandum (September 2010)

EE/CA cleanup documents (June 2010)

Groundwater Documents

Dioxin Investigation

Streets and Yards

QAPP for investigating dioxin in streets and yards - September 5, 2008

Site Characterization Data Report, South Park Soil Remediation Project - May 23, 2006


T-117 UplandBank Repair

Work Plan for Revised Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) (April 2008)

Upland Investigation Data Report (July 2006)

Upland Data Report (November 2005)

Results Memo (August 2005)

2005 Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) (July 2005)

Sediment, Soil, and Water Data Report (March 2005)

Data Gaps Analysis (September 2003)