Construction Updates for Streets Project

In August 2016, the City of Seattle completed the “Adjacent Streets & Stormwater” phase of Terminal 117 Early Action Area within the Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund site. As part of the cleanup and construction within the South Park neighborhood, the City completed the following activities in their final phase of work:

  • Removed 28,300 tons of soil to address PCB-contamination
  • Planted 138 trees supplemented with shrubs and other plantings
  • Installed 9 rain gardens and 4 Filterra® tree boxes to improve stormwater quality
  • Placed 11 new art installations within the neighborhood
  • Installed 2,200 feet of new sidewalks
  • Installed 1,500 feet of new storm drainage pipes under the streets
The City of Seattle, its construction contractor, and adjacent property owners will share responsibility for overall maintenance once the many new trees, shrubs, and plants in the neighborhood are established. This is the same practice used throughout the City of Seattle. Guidelines for maintenance are provided in the attached document, Tree and Landscaping Maintenance Guide, September 2016: English | Español | Việt

Excavation is complete and a total of 27,800 tons of PCB-contaminated soil has been removed from the streets in the South Park neighborhood adjacent to Terminal 117.

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New educational signs were installed along the non-motorized pathway and on 17th Ave. The signs explain how the rain gardens and Filterra tree boxes function, and how they improve water quality in the South Park neighborhood.

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Tree and Landscaping Maintenance Guide, September 2016 (click below).
English | Español | Việt

Community Resource Guide now Available (click below).
English | Español | Việt